Ethnic Food

Ethnic Food Sales for 2014


Come and savor the many tastes of Lowell's ethnic cuisines. The tempting aromas of Greek, Polish, Asian, Spanish, and so many other foods, promise a culinary and cultural experience. Non-profit ethnic organizations, mostly local, come together to prepare and sell the foods of their heritage. Their proceeds benefit numerous worthy projects and programs. As you enjoy these delicious foods, know you are supporting "green" concerns (paper plates and bio-degradable utensils only) and good causes.

Food Sales

JFK Plaza

  Lowell Polish Cultural Committee  Polish Menu
  LAO United Church of Christ     Asian Menu
  The Seed: Jamaican and Indian  Indian/Jamaican Menu
  Armenian Relief Society of Lowell    Armenian Menu
  Portuguese American Center Portuguese Menu
  Hellenic Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity Greek Menu
  WAT Buddha of Massachusetts Asian Menu

Boarding House Park

  Iskwelahang Pilipino Pilipino Menu
  The Seed: Jamaican and Indian Indian/Jamaican Menu
  Lowell Latin Catholic Community of St. Pat’s Latin Menu (Day)
Latin Menu (Friday night)
  WAT LAO Mixayaram Temple Asian Menu
  Hellenic American Academy PTA Greek Menu
  St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Middle East Menu

Dutton Street Dance Stage

  Lowell Portuguese Foursquare Church
  Buddhachak Thai Menu
  Overseas Burmese Fellowship Burmese
  Emmanuel Temple Liberian
  Christ Jubilee International Ministries African
  Indonesian Moslem Community Center of NE Indonesian

Are you part of a not-for-profit organization that would like to participate as an ethnic food seller at the Lowell Folk Festiva in the futurel?

Get more information about this opportunity from Pauline Golec, Ethnic Food Chair at


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American Folk Festival
Montana Folk Festival
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